Chase your Dreams

for all aspiring models!

As published in the magazine “SupermodelsofAustralia”, April, 2019

It is often said that beauty is only skin deep.

Looking at strikingly handsome men and stunningly beautiful women on stage during shows, I often ask myself, what makes them tick. What’s inside them that is able to make them take brave steps in front of hundreds of people, with so much ease? What is their driver?

Over the years, many young hopefuls began to harbour secret desires to make it to the glamour industry one day. It is however known to be an extremely demanding profession, which comes with high performance pressure and has zero tolerance for mediocrity, which has eventually led many such people to give up on their dreams. They coax themselves to settle for a ‘safe’ profession where even an average performer can get a decent salary.

The beauty, visibility, speed of life, and social circle that models live in still make it a very attractive proposition for certain aspirants. And this is the group, from where we get our top Supermodels.

Modelling is a world beyond “beauty”. It is possible that someone who is strikingly pretty may not be able to perform well, particularly if he/she is not strong enough to survive in this high-pressure environment. On the other hand, an average-looking face can take the world by storm, purely because of the authenticity and ease with which he/she carries oneself.

In the world of bright lights and camera, it is always a pleasure to see someone who is comfortable in her own skin, who has not yet learnt to cake up her face and whose eyes twinkle with dreams of tomorrow. There is, of course, a learning period but if you are physically healthy and psychologically resilient, everything can be learnt- such as posture, camera, makeup, your best angles, etc., and that too in the most natural way.

The glamour world has some man-made standards, but the world is just waiting for someone to defy them. It might be YOU. Don’t hesitate to create YOUR niche. Understanding your own uniqueness and self-belief is the key to it.

Chantelle Brown-Young created her magic, while beating up vitiligo, responsible for her skin discolouration. In her TED Talk, she reveals how she created her own mould of beauty rather than trying to fit in existing mould as they were not for her. Lara Stone proudly carries the gap in her front teeth, calling it her lucky charm. Renee Kujur, who was earlier ridiculed for her dark skin, is creating a sensation in India. The common theme that comes out of these examples is that rather than giving in to the challenges of the mainstream world, these people proudly carried their distinctive feature to create their own unique brand.

If you’re one of such hopefuls; interested in the modelling industry, I urge you not to be put off because it seems like a superficial career or because it’s just too hard. Fight the stigma against the modelling industry. Create your own definition of beauty. In my experience and those of countless others, it holds incredible opportunities for both personal and global growth. Gather all that you have, hold your head high and confidently carve your path. Dream Big – because unless you know you want to be, how will you get there? Enjoy the joys of the journey as it takes you to your destination.

As in all jobs, there will be enough distractions to pull you back, but stay strong as you face rejections, keeping your self-esteem independent of them. Stay firmly rooted as you celebrate your successes and laugh in the face of the setbacks. Eat healthy, stay fit, invest in your relationship capital, seek and grab opportunities as and when they arise. Stay connected to your family and friends as they are the ones who we ultimately need to keep connected with our true self.

Start as a model, finish as a role model!

Author: Shilpa Kulshrestha is a Mindset transformation coach, mum of two beautiful young girls, and co-founder of Scintillate Coaching and Consulting.

One thought on “Chase your Dreams

  1. There’s nothing special that happens to the people who choose to reinvent themselves and chase their dreams. It’s not any easier for them than it is for you. It’s just that at some point, they choose to do the work. They choose to take action. And they choose themselves .


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