Brick By Brick – 6 Obstacles To Your Growth

There was no way, I was going to go up that 50 feet pole and jump. 

I had enrolled for a course in Fiji, where on day 1, we had to go on top of a 50 ft pole and jump. My first reaction was “No- they do not know that even a simple amusement park ride makes me dizzy, forget the heights. I am not going to land myself in any trouble. I will simply not do it.”

No amount of logic – “you will have a harness”

No amount of social pressure – “Everyone will be doing it”

No amount of emotional blackmail from my inner self – “It will feel awesome if I did it”

My hind brain seemed to be winning, keeping me safe in my shell.  But then different thoughts started to show up: 

I had decided to come to Fiji myself for this course.

I had decided to jump in the arena

And I had the responsibility to GIVE IT MY ALL.

And I jumped…

what I met with, was a childlike happiness in my heart and the pride in my own eyes. 

Have you ever wondered, when you eventually do something that you have been avoiding for a while, you often ask yourself, why were you putting it off in the first place?


I have asked about 100 people this question in last 1 year and I have noticed some common elements, which I have listed below along with the solution:

1- The Value Question – you don’t believe that you will get adequate value

In this case, the action itself is under question. Take a smoker for instance. At the surface level, there is acceptance of it being bad and wanting to quit. However deep down, there is a fundamental belief that invalidates any action. “It doesn’t really hurt me”.

We don’t do what we don’t really believe in.

No action is possible when faced with this question. There is no way out of it!

2- The Capability Question – you are not confident of your own ability to pull it off

Most of us end up creating a façade of “not ready” or “do not have a capability to do it or “other things need to happen before this can be done” and put these things off, till we find ways to muster confidence in our ability to pull it off.

We have all known someone who has been putting off opening a business for 3, 5 or 10 years. To me, it is eye popping fact- 10 years, really? But to them, it is just a shrunk of shoulder “within next 2 years, I will get to it”!

There is a way out of this situation – not very difficult to do – Engage a coach, get some accountability going and you will be on the winning path in the next 6-12 months! 

3- The Motivation Question we need some external motivation

So much is blamed on this word “motivation” but it is a great responsibility avoiding mechanism for most people!

Majority of people live their life responding to external stimuli. And while under usual circumstances, it is a pretty workable strategy, it just fails flat when we want to do something substantial.

The way to get out of this situation- Know your “WHY”. It just cuts motivation question as it then becomes about setting new standards.

4- The Social QuestionWhat will people say

If you ask a 100 people, if people don’t sometimes take actions because they are worried about what others think – 90% will agree.

But if you ask same people, how much of their inactions are because of this worry – only a handful will agree!

Social approval has become a norm. A lot of great ideas, world changing thoughts just die because the creators stopped themselves from taking actions worrying about what people will think of them!

There is only one way out of it – Don’t worry about it. If you have conviction and purpose, you will find this worry disappear!

5- The Prioritisation Question other things come up that are of higher priority

With so much going on for each of us, genuinely critical things constantly pop up, leaving no time for the things that we want.

But ask yourself – if your life is all about these critical things all along, aren’t you really a slave to the external environment?

The way out-  Do something small everyday – in alignment with your purpose and goal and you will see tremendous success eventually.

6- The Question of Unknownthings are perceived as bigger they are

This is probably the biggest one – things are perceived as bigger they are!

When we really want to do something, most often, we look at the best and brightest out there doing it – and it is overwhelming!  There is a vastness around them in terms of things they do that. It can be absolutely fearful for us. 

To bust out of it – Read biographies of your heroes and how they did it. 

It will stamp the fact that they chose to create a life of their dreams. No doubt, they had their own struggles, but they built a character along the way to defy all odds and become an absolute winner!

"Brick by brick, my fellow citizens, brick by brick.” Emperor Hadrian after the devastating fire in Rome


If you are someone who wants to grow in your career and feel stuck by the inner battles – you can get exponential growth and outstanding results, by engaging a coach.

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