I Hear the Chains Falling

Do you think that the Past defines us? It does and in ways more than we can imagine!

What if it is not letting us flourish? What’s the option?

Simply- LET IT GO!!!

Most of my childhood, I was a very average child, whose report card never looked too promising.

Coming from a middle-class family, I was struggling to keep my head above water in one of the top schools of Dehradun, India. And no one knew that.

I was that under-confident kid, who would find herself hiding in the school corridors, not only from the teachers but also from the students, not wanting to get noticed or asked for friendship. I was scared of my own identity or probably I didn’t have one.

When I started Commerce in year 11, it was a bright sunny day in April, as I reached my school on Day1 of that year. After the morning prayers, we were ushered to our new classroom.

 It was then that my new class teacher entered and he said something very profound, “No matter where you were in life until now- whether you were a topper or average or struggling- This is your opportunity!

Commerce, Accounts, Economics, Macbeth- these subjects are new to each of you in this class of 50. It is like starting all over again with your A, B, C,… and depending upon your commitment and the amount of efforts you put in, it will define how far you go in life.

That was the Day!

I felt that there was a chance that I could let go of that average child- I had an opportunity.

I do not know what shifted inside me- I gathered my books, my bag and all my confidence and went on to sit in the front seat… and I never ever left that seat!

I decided to make a new start!!!

Slowly I started getting 1st rank in all the subjects consistently, all through year 11 and year 12, till I went on to become a school topper for my stream and then went on to hold an All India rank in my Chartered Accountancy Exam.

How did this become possible? Because:

  • I decided to let go of my past failures
  • I recognized the opportunity to start afresh
  • And I gave it my ALL….

This kick-started the beginning of a new journey for me and once I tasted blood, must admit it was intoxicating. I could never let go of it!

I realised the importance of being visible, being out there in the open, in the arena, shedding sweat and blood- playing full on and….

also the fun of being a STAR!


This is your day!

There is always a starting point.

It is the day when something shifts within you, which tells you that it can be your starting point  (for anything in life that you are dissatisfied with).

However the onus is on you to recognize that starting point!

It does not matter how you are doing in your life until today- whether you are outstanding or average or struggling, today is your opportunity to think differently and start afresh.

Do you think it is too late? I was a mediocre for 10 years in school and only in my 11th year I could acknowledged it. But once I did, I to set myself free. If I could do that as a child, you know it better!

Past does not matter. It never does.

Do not be a victim of your past. Do not establish a romanticism with your struggle or pain- it happened, it was unfortunate and sad- but it is over now.

Break free and make a new promise to yourself- promise to Play Full on in life. Come out of your shell and fly in open air- this space is for everyone.

I urge you to make a new beginning today….your path to Stardom starts now!

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