Who Are You?

Since you are reading this article, chances are that either you know me well or have been following me on social media.

Some of you would been intrigued by the name of this article, or by its visibility.

How you put your thoughts out there, what people know about you and how consistently they hear about you with a cohesive and authentic story, builds your personal brand.

For some people, building a personal brand is a deliberate effort, and so, by definition, it must be somewhat “made up”.

Yes, it is deliberate, but in the world today, it is quite stupid to pretend to be someone that you are not, as sooner than later, you will be caught. You will end up saying something contradictory at some time or the other and depending on how many people make it their business to know you, you will have to deal with a challenge that you would rather not like.

If you do not manage your brand actively, someone else will. One way or the other, you will end up with a brand image that you may actually dislike heavily.

Besides, why would you want to come across as someone you are not?

 “Your Authenticity is your biggest competitive advantage” – Carla Harris

How your job has worked out for the past 1, 2 or 3 decades is not how it will work out in the future. You need to be out there and be able to distinctly stand from the crowd.

Consider your job. If your manager, his/her manager or the top leader knew that what you do is very good, would it not be a faster way to get that promotion or the project you want or make more money?

You have to work on your personal brand actively. You could be as good as you want, the best in your field, but unless the world knows about it, it does not really matter.

You still have to work hard on your performance capital, which in turn attracts potential sponsors – who can then spend time in helping you grow.

Beyond a point however, the performance capital diminishes as people expect that level of work from you all the time.

Now they expect something more. A lot of people in their early career get lost here and consider this to be the only way forward, which means constantly upgrading their technical skills and becoming better and better.

We have all been part of a culture, where we were taught to be humble, keep our head down and just do our work, that’s what we continue to do.

Again beyond a point, it becomes hard for your work to speak for itself.

And this brings up the need to invest in relationship capital, which is about building connections across the organisation and across the wider industry as well.

All the important decisions about your career take place behind closed doors. So unless people can vouch for you when you are not present in that room, how are you going to cut it? It is essential that you invest in genuine relationships at the right level in the organization.

In fact, your world should not be limited to your organisation alone. Create a vast network. Leverage any tool that you like- use social media, networking, etc.. Show yourself up authentically and consistently by putting out useful content that provides some real value and soon people will know about you.

There is only one rule. You have to be authentic. You fake it, it dies! You have to be completely congruent with who you are.

Unleash yourself because the world deserves to know your excellence and gain from it!

It is about taking your strengths, your unique capabilities, your pockets of brilliance to the world and tell them what you are bringing to the table and why should they deal with you. 

Social Mastery is all about Presence, Branding, Relationships, Social Media, Networking.

To understand the brand that you carry in this world, let’s do a simple test.

Write down what do you think of your brand on a piece of paper. This is how you think others perceive you.

Now call 5 people who know you best (friends, colleagues or family) and ask them about the brand you carry.

Now compare both views- yours and theirs.

If there is a mismatch, that’s your gap. Either you are over-projecting yourself to the world or you are under- projecting yourself.

Once you identify the gap, write down 2 simple things that you can start doing from today. And then take MASSIVE ACTIONS.

 “For your growth, it doesn’t matter who you know but who knows you” – Gary Vaynerchuk

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