Lessons I learnt from my parents

My Dad- Passion

My dad was a professor but his passion for SCOUTING and serving the blind school was unbeatable. Even his day-job could not come in the way.  (he changed 9 jobs in 3 years to stay true to his passion!)

We would often laugh saying that he is like the crazy professor in movies, who doesn’t remember even to eat, while in his zone.

I didn’t understand passion so well then, but I remember getting goosebumps as a child, as I witnessed his energy, his excitement, his crazy dance (he used to call it “kathak”, I am pretty sure it was not) as he loved living every minute of it.

Learning- PASSION is ENERGY, which flows when you do what excites you.

My Mum- Focus

I would have grown up hearing this at least 10,000 times. My Mum made me realize that showtime is SHOWTIME and there is no place for excuses.

I sometimes feel that she had probably sneaked into the book “Magic of Thinking Big” to eradicate “excusitis” from her life but probably creating dreams and grabbing them was in-built in her character.

No wonder, me and my siblings got into a school which was way above her means, purely because she visualized it standing in front of the school, even before we were born.

Learning- Your focus builds your reality.

My FIL- One-on-one relationships

After our wedding, he said something that stayed with me forever, “You are our son’s wife, so you will always be part of our lives but let’s add more beauty to it.  Let’s go beyond to create our relationship one-on one- as a daughter and a dad”.

I continue to be the proud daughter of an awesome father.

With his wisdom, time and advice, we have found some common interests- gardening and experimenting with food.

Learning- Letting go of the word “in-laws” paves way for a beautiful relationship

My MIL- Letting Go

Forgiving people and embracing them with open arms is something that I learnt from my Mum-in-law.  

As I understood her better, I realized that it was her biggest strength. By letting go of the wrongs done by others, she was building a carefree and joyful life where she never carried an unnecessary burden.

Learning- True strength comes not from lifting weight of what others did wrong, but lifting yourselves above the circumstances.

We often take things for granted but today I want to express my heartfelt gratitude for these learnings that I am blessed with from my beloved parents!

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