Five Lessons to live Powerfully

I was smart enough to know to grow my skills to maintain myself as a highly desirable candidate at work. I made it a point to take out time and money to invest in my skill-set, adding certifications to my portfolio each year.

This went well with 3 Bachelors and 3 Professional degrees that I had managed to acquire in my academic life!

Little did I know that it was not the investment in technical skills that mattered for my growth, but investment in myself.

Even with each added skill, I was the same person sitting at my desk every year.

I followed the rules. I would start my day as an intellectual, diligently reading newspaper with my morning cuppa. 

Little did I know that it was not any news that mattered to kick-start a great day – it just limited me to what happened to who!

Even with awareness of which political candidate is doing what, what’s the latest app, how many people died, when and where, which celebrity was doing what, I realized that the world was moving but I got confined to chasing frantically the direction it took.

I was active on social media. I knew to keep my focus on motivational stuff, as I wanted to spend time only on top class content. 

Little did I know that just reading inspirational dosage wasn’t enough. I knew it intellectually but could never step beyond it to ACT on it.

I would spend every weekend with close friends. I knew that friendships were precious and that we need to stick to our friends, no matter what.

Little did I know that I was a frog in the pond – limited by who I knew. They added to my entertainment but my growth capital kept struggling for fresh air.


I have moved on.


  1. I invested in my personal growth, started indulging myself in a marathon of one book a week, attended events and seminars and spoke to tons of like-minded people – I fed the Internal Skills.
  2. I created a platform to use my learning to plunge into a new world of possibilities and implementation.
  3. I started my mornings by visualizing my OWN mission, vision and goals and that energized me beyond my wildest imagination. 
  4. I found my purpose and became an inspiration for all those who followed me.
  5. I realized that there wasn’t any rhyme, rhythm or reason to the direction my world took as the person who needed to give the direction was sitting inside me.


Sometimes, we approach life with an attitude of “I know it all”. We become servants to conventional wisdom, following things as we were always taught but we do not realize that it is our choice to question it, it is our choice to figure out alternate ways and

it is our choice to take the control of our growth in our own hands.

Are you ready to take the lead?

Are you ready to start challenging your life, in every shape or form?

Are you ready to tailor a life to suit you and not tailor yourselves to suit life?

Are you ready to discover your life 2.0?

If yes, PM me for a discussion – who knows you may get some ideas.


About me: I am on a mission to enable 1 million people to become unstoppable by making conscious choices in their lives. Keep out an eye for my upcoming book “Automatic to Deliberate”.